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Newsletter of the UU Church, Odessa, Texas

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Updated 7/2/2018

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Worship Schedule for July 2018


 Date Title Presenter
July 1 The Four Agreements June
July 8 TBA Cheryl
July 15 Review of "Directorate - S", by Steve Coll (US vs Pakistan politics) David
July 22 Voltaire - Alan Kors Don
July 29 Emerson - AshtonHichols Jim

News and Notes


Corrine: My class reunion was fun. It was unique in that we had 15 men and 11 women. Men usually die earlier than women, but we beat the odds. We have decided to meet again in two years on our eightieth  birthday year.

            Our tennis hero Roger Fedderer is retiring. Don has enjoyed watching him in tournaments for many years. We are sad that Roger is leaving the game.


June: Cliff has had and is continuing to have great pain and problems with his jaw. Hopefully we can get all of this taken care of, even if he has to have surgery in San Antonio.

            The annual Gathering of Circles begins August 1 in New Mexico and the Vision Quest will be the week after. This has been and is continuing to be a busy summer.


David and Lois:  Granddaughter Lia Grace will enroll at Yale this fall. Daughter Karen will be in Beijing for a month this summer with her family. Son Carrick will be traveling in Europe soon. We will be pretty much at home, except for the Ft. Davis Cyclefest in September.


Jim: Jim and Bear have been mildly sick with head colds recently, but are doing better. Bear has been doing a lot of volunteer work at the Midland Rape Crisis Center. Her interest in gardening has revived and she has planted various plants in the yard. Jim is studying an online Spanish course. He is also preparing to teach a course in opera for Continuing Education at Midland College this fall.

 Bear: If anyone wants to contact Megan Siepak, here are her addresses:  


              US mail:          Box 17


                                    735 Anderson Hill Rd.

                                    Purchase, NY  10577-1499  

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The Clan of the Frog Pond menís group meets each Thursday evening at 8 PM at David Egglestonís home, 1605 W. Tennessee, Midland. Men are invited to share their life experiences and feelings in a secure, supportive atmosphere following Native American tradition. For more information contact David at 352-3681, or Cliff at 550-3302.