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Newsletter of the UU Church, Odessa, Texas

403 E. 42nd St, Odessa, TX 79761

Updated 11/11/2018

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Worship Schedule for Nov. 2018


 Date Title Presenter
Nov 4 Native American Spirituality Cliff
Nov 11 Evolution of the Human Brain Don
Nov 18 Climate Change David
Nov 25  Thoreau - III (Dr. Ashton Nichols) Jim


News and Notes  

Corrine: Corrine is going to visit her sister Meredith and then she will go to her cousin’s home for Thanksgiving. She will stay there until Tuesday Nov. 27

            Don will stay home and the maid and my friend Janelle will check on him every day.

  June: June and Cliff are leaving Nov. 15 to drive to Atlanta for a family Thanksgiving. They will tow their trailer, where they can live on the trip. They should be back by Dec. 1.

            Cliff is doing very well after a second jaw surgery and is healing. He feels much better after this surgery.

  David: Lois is doing all right, but she is sleeping longer. She still eats a lot. David is planning to fly to Harlingen for a family get-together arranged by his older son Carrick and his wife Sarah. Granddaughter (formerly grandson) Rory works in Brownsville as an ornithologist, so the event is a Thanksgiving celebration with him.

            Lois will be in respite care at Ashton Medical Lodge in Midland. Silvia will monitor her and keep her company at lunch and dinner, so she doesn’t feel forgotten.

  A special note from the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee:

              From violence and extreme poverty at home to prolonged detention in this country, the issues facing the Honduran migrants are devastating. UUSC is working with partners along the migration route to address the reasons people embark on this perilous journey and the dangers they face along the way.

            Through Guest at Your Table, you and your congregation will meet some of the real people impacted by this human rights issue – the “guests” in Guest at Your Table. We hope they will encourage you and your congregation to join us in our commitment to bringing Unitarian Universalist values and resources to this human rights crisis.

  Bear will present a program on Guest at Your Table Sunday Dec. 2, using materials from UUSC.

   Corrine: My trip to West Virginia was great. Don did fine. All is well in the Naylor nest.

  June: Cliff has had the “tummy tube” taken out. He can eat anything now. But it takes him a long time to eat his meals.

            We will be taking a short trip to Water Valley (near San Angelo) later this month. In November we will go to Atlanta for Thanksgiving.

   David:  Lois is sleeping more, so is awake only about 5 hours or so on a typical day. David misses her more than usual. He has made contact with the mechanical engineering faculty at UTPB. He will address a student group there on Oct. 17. The faculty members are interested in his doing some mentoring. He continues to take long early morning rides in his velomobile when Lois is asleep.

Bear: If anyone wants to contact Megan Siepak, here are her addresses:  


                           US mail:          Box 17


                                    735 Anderson Hill Rd.

                                    Purchase, NY  10577-1499  

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The Clan of the Frog Pond men’s group meets each Thursday evening at 8 PM at David Eggleston’s home, 1605 W. Tennessee, Midland. Men are invited to share their life experiences and feelings in a secure, supportive atmosphere following Native American tradition. For more information contact David at 352-3681, or Cliff at 550-3302.