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Newsletter of the UU Church, Odessa, Texas

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Updated 6/5/2017

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Worship Schedule for June 2017


 Date Title Presenter
June 4 John Locke Don
June 11 Christian Beliefs through the Lens of Cognitive Science-Valerie Tarico David
June 18 Gods as Humans in Ancient Judaism Jim
June 25 Years of Living Dangerously - David Letterman in India David



News and Notes


            Cliff and June have returned from their extended trip to California, Arizona, and New Mexico. There they visited an old friend of June's who is not in good health. Afterwards they attended a family wedding in Arizona. They returned at the end of the month, but then they will spend the first weekend of June attending a health meeting in Abilene.


         David & Lois are doing OK. Lois has been able to sleep without medications, which makes life much simpler than usual. A special instant coffee seems to help her. Lois really enjoys riding our tandem trike down to the Southwest Museum for the Midland Downtown Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings. She gets to spend the whole morning watching babies and toddlers. There is a large new batch of people attending, with very many young couples with children. Many babies, toddlers, and dogs.  We have not been riding down there with the PBBA (Permian Basin Bicycle Association) for the Sunday night summer concert series as Lois is just too tired Sun afternoon. David has been on a new weight-loss program called Naturally Slim and has lost more than 10 lb as he has gotten down to 150 lb. But he can stay there only with constant vigilance and hardly eating.

  Corrine: She and Don are doing very little but considering everything they are doing very well.  Corrine returned from her drive to Dallas, and her drive with her grandson and other family members to Birmingham, Ala. to attend the graduation of a granddaughter.  However, she planned to attend a recital at Asbury Methodist Church May 16. Jim and I are on the Permian Opera Board. All things are well with my soul! 

            Jim: Bear has been crocheting baby blankets that she takes to ORMC. She has been taking care of our new orange kitten, Yali (a male). Yali had his toenails removed last Tuesday, which he did not understand, but he a adjusting. Jim has discovered termites in our yard, so he is going to have to hire exterminators to treat the house for termites. Jim is studying for and has already registered for intermediate Spanish at MC for next fall. He already has the textbook. He enjoyed attending the Permian Opera Board meeting with Corrine. Susan Humphrey, a Board member, will offer her opera class at MC again this fall, which he and Corrine plan to take.

          David has been ready to involve Kathy in our church service, through Skype. However, Kathy and Megan love to sleep in, so we have not been able to do it for the last month. Kathy flew to Houston June 30 for a complete MRI scan of her body, and has returned safely on Friday. June took her to have her lungs pumped out, an emergency measure to aid her breathing.


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The Clan of the Frog Pond menís group meets each Thursday evening at 8 PM at David Egglestonís home, 1605 W. Tennessee, Midland. Men are invited to share their life experiences and feelings in a secure, supportive atmosphere following Native American tradition. For more information contact David at 352-3681, or Cliff at 550-3302.


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