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Newsletter of the UU Church, Odessa, Texas

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Updated 11/11/2017

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Worship Schedule for Nov 2017


 Date Title Presenter
Nov. 5  Native American Spirituality Cliff
Nov. 12 TBA Cheryl
Nov. 19 Climate Change David
Nov. 26 The Death of Jesus (by Bart Ehrman) Jim

News and Notes


We mourn the death of Don's youngest child, Bret. Corrine and Don drove to Butte to visit her shortly before she died, and then flew back to Butte to attend the memorial service for Bret.


Cliff:  June spent five days at Abilene State Park. She went to a wedding in Abilene on Saturday afternoon. Visited Phantom Hill Fort. Good history but not many buildings.

            Finally getting the Prius repaired and should be finished by Christmas. Also, roofers will be starting to put on a new roof next week.


David: Silvia spent a week with her sister Lucy in Florida. Lucy works to care for the parents of the owners of the house where Lucy lives. It is a very big, luxurious house. They had a high time eating out and visiting tourist spots, and went on a one and a half day ocean cruise. During her trip Silvia arranged for her brother, Jose Louis Gomez-Higuera and his wife Blanquita to stay with us and help care for Lois. Louis is very smart, and he helped David solve his water leak problem. He also advised replacing the old, damaged linoleum kitchen floor covering. I decided to purchase vinyl tile. Louis knew all about it, and spent the whole week tearing off the linoleum, cleaning off the old glue, giving the floor a new sealing coat, and installing the new tile. So now we have a brand new, beautifully tiled kitchen floor. Louis and Blanquita drove to Midand from Juarez on a big 650cc Yamaha motorcycle. They sort of joined our extended family, which is now bigger by two more persons.

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The Clan of the Frog Pond menís group meets each Thursday evening at 8 PM at David Egglestonís home, 1605 W. Tennessee, Midland. Men are invited to share their life experiences and feelings in a secure, supportive atmosphere following Native American tradition. For more information contact David at 352-3681, or Cliff at 550-3302.


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